Village Consulting works across many sectors of the built environment. We work with Developers, Architects, Property Managers, Municipalities, Businesses, Home Owners, and others to achieve the following outcomes:

Environment & Energy
Cost-effective reductions in carbon emissions, energy use, water consumption, material use, waste, and wildlife impacts.
Cost Savings
Capital and operational cost savings through efficiencies and cost avoidance to support a more robust and flexible financial environment.
Resiliency & Adaptation
Adaptation and risk mitigation against short-term shocks and long-term stresses to support business continuity and success.
Health & Productivity
Spaces that support healthy and productive occupants: improving employee retention and desirability for high-quality talent.


We do this through:
  • Stakeholder workshopping and integrative design facilitation.
  • Policy / program development and administration for municipalities, businesses, and property managers.
  • Planning, design, construction and certification support for buildings and neighbourhoods.
  • Financial analysis and project delivery of such initiatives as renewable energy and storage, fleet fuel switching and electrification, facility updates and decarbonization, etc.
  • Energy & carbon auditing, benchmarking and operations analysis of facilities, facility portfolios, and business operations.